Hill Of The Medicine Man

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by Thomas Evans
This is the most siginifcant work of art on Enchanted Rock
Texas' first landscape artist Herman Lungkwitz painted scenes
of  Enchanted Rock over a century ago.

Prints of this mural are now available.  The entire mural consists of three prints 12"x26" each.
Each print has three of the above panels.  $75 unframed plus $10 shipping & handling .

Coming soon: A limited edition set of giclee prints on canvas of the center section of the mural.
Approx. 18X24".  Contact the artist for details.

Contact Thomas Evans at   thomasmevans@yahoo.com or 13204 Pecan Drive, Austin,Tx  78734
Prints are now available at Enchanted Rock State Natural Area &
Austin-Bergstrorm International Airport