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Texas Hill Country Wine
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Texas Hill Country Vineyardsalifornia may receive the most recognition for wine production in the United States, but almost a century before California vineyards were established the Spanish missionaries began producing Texas wines around the 1700s.

German and Italian immigrants are credited with starting Texas winemaking.  When a blight struck over six million acres of European vineyards rootstock resistant to the disease was sent from Texas and grafted to the European varieties.  Today, over half on the species of grape worldwide are grown in Texas, and much of that in the Hill Country.

Wineries in Texas suffered their own setback as a result of the Prohibition passed by the 18th Amendment in 1919. The wine drought lasted until 1935 with repeal of the Prohibition.

With approximately 40 wineries in Texas the state ranks fifth in wine production -- the top wine states are California, New York, Washington and Oregon respectively.  That's not to say they produce the better wine than that grown in the Texas Hill Country.  More than a few Texas wineries lay claim to that honor.

It can be said without much contradition that the first person to imagine vineyards in the  Texas Hill Country was John Meusebach, founder of Fredericksburg. 

fredericksburg-texas-bed-breakfast.jpg (24170 bytes)"Approaching the location within sight of the Pedernales River," Irene Marschall King wrote in John O. Meusebach: German Colonizer in Texas, "Meusebach halted his white horse to survey the land. It was a beautiful valley, with grass knee high and fine trees in abundance, especially along the river. As he came to the water's edge, he found a large pool, in which fish and soft-shelled turtles abounded. A short distance downstream the water cut through high banks to a ten-foot-high waterfall, which spread into a crystal-clear basin.

"At one point the river was one hundred feet wide, Grapevines festooned high in the trees..." King continues, "The countryside was covered with abundant pasture grasses, with deep humus underneath, which would produce excellent farm products... Meusebach visualized sugar, indigo, and tobacco crops, noting that the climate was favorable for fruit growing and for horticultural experiments. The native grapes could be used as rootstock for improved varieties. Meusebach’s father had previously sent cuttings to be used for grafting."

Today the Perdernales River Valley wineries, located in the heart of the Hill Country with its vineyards and peach orchards attest to Meusebach’s clear-sighted, if not prophetic, assessment of the Hill Country as one favorable for fruit growing and vineyards.

Many of the 113 bonded wineries in Texas are small producers who rely on tourism for the majority of their sales; still, there are several large wineries which state, national, and international markets for Texas wines.

Texas Hill Country Wine Trail Make you're destination the Wine Country of Texas located deep in the heart of the Texas Hill Country!

Texas Grape & Green Connecting Texas wine newcomers and veterans with winery owners, activities, and accommodations that fit the client's desires, budget, and skill level.

Texas Wineries and Vineyards to Visit in Hill Country area ...  Named "Best New Winery in Texas" in the 2004 Texas Wine Society Texas Best competition.




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Fredericksburg, Texas
Area Wine & Wineries

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Becker Vineyards
464 Becker Farms Road
Stonewall, TX 78671
Phone: (830) 644-2681

Bell Mountain Vineyards
463 Bell Mountain Rd.
Fredericksburg, TX 78624

Phone: (830) 685-3297

BMV Specialties
6264 E. US Hwy 290
Fredericksburg, TX 78624
Phone: (830) 997-9750

Fall Creek Vineyards
1820 C.R. 222
Tow, TX 78672

Phone: (325) 379-5361

Fredericksburg Winery
247 W. Main St.
Fredericksburg, TX 78624
Phone: (830) 990-8747

Grape Creek Vineyard
97 Vineyard Lane
Stonewall, TX 78671
Phone: (830) 644-2710

Oberhof Wine Cellars at
Das Peach Haus

1408 S. US Hwy. 87
Fredericksburg, TX 78624

Phone: (830) 997-8969

Torre di Pietra
10915 E. U.S. Hwy 290
Fredericksburg, TX 78624

Phone: (830) 990-9755