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NEAR THE HEADWATERS: This is where the story is supposed to begin, but it took half the day to get there; and stuff  happened on the way. 
This is my view from Nigel the Land Rover.

I was going to write this piece starting from the headwaters of the Guadalupe River and work my way back downstream... okay, downroad.
That doesn't make much sense now, so I'll just start with what happened.
Story & Photos by IRA KENNEDY

Back before The Flood of '02 --last month-- proprietor Wayne Whatshisname of Guadalupe Canoe Livery near Spring Branch contacted me.  Asked if I'd be interested in taking a canoe trip and he'd provide all the necessaries.  Then came the flood.  It's a good thing I didn't jump at the opportunity otherwise you'd a seen me on CNN News dangling from a long rope twirling in the wind below a helecopter while all across America folks mighta been saying to their TVs, "Who's that idiot?"


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T.jpg (6972 bytes)he rain finally quit and the weather cleared.  So Ms. Intrepid and I commenced pondering this month's road trip.  I mentioned Wayne's offer knowing full well I'd have a better chance getting Nigel the Land Rover in a canoe.  You see, I learned long ago that there are three things you can't withhold from a woman: a comfortable place to sit, a real bed and a roof over her head (or at least a decent shade tree).
       But Wayne's offer got us to thinking about the Guadalupe River and a part of it we'd never seen before -- from the headwaters up past Hunt down to the Guadalupe River Bridge on Highway 281.  If we had the time we'd  work our way all the way down to Gruene near Interstate 35 and New Braunfels.
        I had a clear vision of the story and it would begin after we headed straight up Interstate 10 to Kerrville and from there to Hunt and beyond. We'd head back, taking backroads, and then I could make this nice clean line on the map that went all one way and, like the line, the story would have this neat little beginning, middle, and end. (I musta been a member of the Flat Earth Society in a former life.)
       When I still had all of my faculties I could spot a fool notion right off, or at least early on, instead of sooner-or-later, or eventually.   Ms. Intrepid is pretty good about letting me wanter off into Never-Never Land without putting up a fuss.  Besides, I usually come back in one piece.
       From San Marcos we headed lickety-split toward Kerrville. When, right near Comfort, we had our fill of the Interstate and its hyper-active, attention deficit disorder driven vehicles.  Along the way we passed the exit sign for the community of Welfare which has more than its share of rich folks. Never-the-less, there is a saying in these parts that one thing or another is "too close to Welfare for Comfort".  (Actually, that never came up, so I don't know why I'm mentioning it now.)
       We stopped at a Diamond Shamrock just off the Interstate at Comfort for gas and a snack.   While I was trying to lure ice out of the soda machine Ms. Intrepid was bent over along the candy isle.  She never gets candy so at first I thought she was sick or something. 
       "You okay?"
       "Look what I found. An RC Cola. Now all we need is a Moon Pie."
       Just in case you're too young or from out of state, an RC Cola and Moon Pie was something of a sacrament in Texas.  Together they are really sweet, and if they don't kick-start your day nothing will.
       Down on the bottom shelf, almost hidden, were the Moon Pies.  They're not really pies. They're three round graham crackers sandwiching two layers of marshmallow cream filling all wrapped up in a thick coat of chocolate.
       If it's hot outside you'd better eat them Moon Pies quick or you'll be spreading chocolate and cream filling all over the place.  They're really good though.  Especially if you're young or a sugar junkie.  Ms. Intrepid and I didn't finish ours but we're glad we tried.  From there we headed into downtown Comfort with its clusters ofTurnA.jpg (4971 bytes) tasteful antique and gift shops.


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